RISE aims to bring increased economic prosperity to our region through Education and Mentoring of Entrepreneurs.
Immigrant entrepreneurs are an imperative part of this spectrum, bringing their willingness to take risks, hard work ethic and innovative approaches to business.
RISE will provide necessary support to help businesses become a success, creating more jobs, more capital and more value to all.

RISE Cohort

The RISE Cohort is a 10-week, 30-hour course designed for existing business owners that are poised and ready for growth. This classroom-style educational course aims to provide entrepreneurs with the management skills, professional knowledge and financial understanding necessary to grow existing businesses.

Individual Support

n additional to our bi-annual Cohort, RISE also provides one-on-one professional consultation to prospective or existing business owners. If you’d like to speak with one of our business development professionals, simply fill out the following form and we will be in touch!


RISE Louisville is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting refugees and immigrants in the Louisville, KY area as they build and grow businesses in our city. We provide individual consultation, in-depth educational workshops, local networking opportunities and other customized services in order to turn our clients’ dreams into reality.

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RISE Louisville calls on our entire community to get involved with our vision. Along with our incredible immigrant entrepreneur clients, we need mentors, local partnerships, funders and more to help develop out resources.

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